Trish BergmanTrish Bergman

Trish joined Quality Government Solutions after serving more than twenty years in the Nebraska health and human services agency at both the local and state levels. Through her years of service, Trish had the opportunity to work with a variety of programs including Child and Adult Protective Services, Medicaid, Aid to the Aged Blind and Disabled, Transitional Assistance for Needy Families(TANF), Food Stamps, Energy, Child Care and Social Services Block Grant. In addition, Trish performed business process analysis and design and provided system support for both the economic assistance eligibility and Electronic Benefit Transfer business applications.

As Administrator of two of the larger economic assistance programs, TANF and the Food Stamp Program, Trish played a key role in policy development, problem solving, quality management and performance improvement. Trish helped build a positive team environment with a strong emphasis on program integrity and consistency. During her time as administrator both the TANF and Food Stamp Programs received multiple high performance bonus awards.

With Trish’s knowledge and experience she will help provide creative and innovative assistance to address the unique needs of each client.