Dennis LooseDennis Loose

Dennis brings 34 years of successful management and implementation of health and human services at the local, county and state levels. Dennis served as a Director of a multi-county Office of Mental Retardation, Director of a fourteen county Area Agency on Aging, Director of a State Department on Aging, Director of the State Veterans Homes and Chief Deputy Director of the State Department of Health and Human Services. This has given him valuable experience in working with a variety of federal, state and local officials to successfully plan, implement, manage and improve programs and services.

To be successful at these levels of government, Dennis had to excel in networking, interpreting rules and regulations, strategic planning, personnel management, budget and financial planning. He brings a wealth of experience in Aging Services, TANF, Child Welfare Services, Protective Services for both children and adults, Food Stamps, Child Support, Community Based Developmental Disabilities Programs and operations of the state facility for persons with Developmental Disabilities. He also brings ten years of successful experience managing four state Veterans Homes that provide skilled nursing home care to war era veterans.

The variety of programs and services he has been involved with required a personality that could work positively with federal officials, state officials and local officials. With this considerable experience, a positive approach to problem solving and a strong desire to move from planning to successful implementation, Dennis is a person you can count on for solutions.